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Chairman's Message

( Jawahar Laal Raina )

When Kashmiri Pandits migrated, they were left with only one thing, their Dharma & their Education. Thats where I started in 1999 & got Registered, RAAPTI, less than 5 kms from the Pakistan Border & started first BEd College of Gurdaspur with my mothers savings of Rs 40,000/- Regional Academic & Professional Training Institute, today, is the pioneer in India & World leader in field of Skill Development & Certification, ParaMedical Sciences like Physiotherapy, Optometry, Operation Theater Technology, XRay-ECG/Ultrasound and also Engineering and Arts. SAARC Skill Development & Certification Council has approved RAPTI as its sole representative for India & Nepal. Community Medical Council of India approves all the Paramedical courses of RAPTI. Board of Yoga Naturopathy & Alternate Medicine is promoted & managed by RAPTI for education, development & Research in the field of Yoga, Naturopathy, Alternate Medicine like Accupressure, Hydro Therapy, etc. Today, we at RAPTI are proud to offer education from School Level to University under one umbrella.