Exam Schedule


S.No. Name Mode Pattern Courses Offered Web Link
1. Secondary School Development & Certification Council Regular/Private Annual High School, Senior School, Skill Development Diploma www.ssdcc.in
2. Community Medical Council of India Regular/Private Semester/Annual Medical, Para Medical & Community Medicine www.cmsed.in
3. Board Of Naturopathy Yoga & Alternate Medicine India Regular/Private Semester/Annual Naturopathy, Yoga, Community & Alternate Medicine www.bnys.online
4. SAARC Skill Development & Certification Council Regular/Private Semester/Annual Skill Development & Certification in SAARC www.ssdcc.asia
5. Capital Landmark Holdings Regular/Private Semester/Annual Accounts, Finance & Financial Inclusion www.capitalandmark.com/

6. Health Education & Research Council of India Regular/Private Semester/Annual Paramedical Education Research, Training & Services www.herci.in/